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I view artists as future makers. My next project, a world gone FABULOUS, will activate a wondering forward toward a better future in process and performance. In collaboration with a Creative Technologist and Miami dance and theater artists, we will practice extreme imagining to envision the world we desire to move through. Miami Light Project will commission and present the premiere in 2026. We will blur lines between community engagement and creative research by incorporating community think tank gatherings into our creative process as a form of collective imagining with art at the helm.


The  work before that, T.W.I.S.T, was created during the pandemic and emerged as a physical crusade for women-centered solidarity. The pandemic shook my artistry like a snow globe and the bits are still settling. I now value community engagement and the research process as one in the same. This experience informed how I am shaping the process for the new project.


My aesthetic blends robust athleticism with personal theatricality. The choreographic craft is patterned and formal framing the nuanced presence of the performer. Inspired by my friend and mentor, Jawole Zollar, I cherish community building where sparks of trust, joy, love, and bravery ignite new ways to move through the world.

- Adele Myers

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