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The Stage Show is a live love story between the performers and audience featuring humorous dance

theater and audience-friendly interaction in a variety show format performed by an ensemble of virtuosic female athletes of the heart. The Stage Show is as entertaining as it is irreverent and is ideal and engaging for new audiences to contemporary dance. The work is site-adaptable and can be performed with three to six dancers depending on the size of the venue. Due to the unpredictable nature of the audience interaction the work can range from 50-55 minutes. Beneath the humor is a poignant and relevant through line of giving and getting the support we need from one another whether in a live performance or in our everyday lives as we navigate our

complicated, fragile floating snow globe of a world that we live in. The Stage Show was originally

commissioned and presented as a trio in May 2019 by MDC Live Arts. The evening-length version for six

dancers was commissioned and presented by the Moss Center (South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center in January 2020).

Length: approx. 50 minutes

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The Stage Show




By J.J. Colagrande, The Jitney May 13, 2019

Directed & choreographed by  Adele Myers, the night began with this high-energy number. A musically driven, chatty interactive treat focusing on the theme of artist-audience interaction.

On the surface, in the ice dome, The Stage Show had the highest energy of the night. It drew the most applause from the sold-out crowd. Underneath the surface, in the basement of our imaginations, this production reminded us just how hard it is to “put on a show.”

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