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Employing a sense of humor, robust physicality, unpredictable audience-friendly interaction, and a dynamite sound score, "Girls!Girls!Girls!" toys with power dynamics between three female dancers and their respective audience during a live performance. Originally commissioned by the Miami Light Project for Here & Now, "Girls!Girls!Girls!" was also developed in part with support from MDC Live Arts Lab Alliance (LALA).

Length: approx. 30 minutes

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By Cameron Basden, Miamiartzine

"...carried a serious message of the plight of women with a little tongue-and-cheek humor. The extensive relationship between three female dancers (“Girls!Girls! Girls!”) and the audience was an entire theatrical show performed in a short amount of time with costume and personality changes, audience participation, voice and movement. Myers does what she says. Her dancers are specific and are not subtle. If something is big, it is very big and visa versa. Myers is very particular that in performance, people move for a reason and her work exemplified this. A kissing chorus made by the audience, the duck, duck, goose humorously done by a female cop, or the final solo leading to a silhouette of all three that was reminiscent of the “Mod Squad” provided a range of emotions and some laughs but, ultimately, gave a second glimpse at the challenging role that women play in our society."



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