Amplify Your Art!

Amplifying female artistry one bold move at a time…


With the singular aim to amplify and advance female dance artists, AMD community engagement programs are custom designed primarily for pre-professional and professional movers and makers. 


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Body Electrics

Movement Practice

Align your heart, spine and mind with Body Electrics, a feel-good holistic body practice ideal for dancers and non-dancers alike. Body Electrics is a 60-minute guided physical meditation led by Adele Myers, dance artist-in-residence at South Miami Dade Cultural Arts Center. Blending basic principles from Yoga, Pilates and other movement-based practices, Body Electrics calms, focuses, invigorates, stretches and strengthens the mind and body. What makes this body practice unique is that participants are never being watched or asked to memorize a sequence. In Body Electrics, a rigorous use of the imagination activates energetic impulses and pathways to guide any and every-body into a physical and mental balance between effort and ease. All moving bodies are welcome. Click here for class schedule.

Movers & Makers


AMD pre-professional Movers & Makers apprenticeships are by invitation only and are extended to two to three Miami based female dance artists eager to bridge the divide between graduating from college and pursuing a professional career in dance as movers and makers.


Each season, Movers & Makers apprentices are invited to be a company apprentice or a rehearsal assistant depending on their area of interest. Movers & Makers are offered a stipend and the opportunity to participate in a professional dance company setting with seasoned professional dancers including participating in AMD company class, rehearsals, performances, and community engagement activities. The aim is for the apprentices to gain experience and learn the gritty lessons they don’t teach in college about professional life as a dancer. An AMD apprenticeship requires a six to twelve-month investment and is envisioned as a point of departure to launch pre-professional female dance artists into professional careers in Miami and beyond.


What makes AMD Movers & Makers unique is that apprentices are encouraged to make their own work and are offered in-kind rehearsal space and opportunities to share and discuss their works-in process during AMD community engagement activities.



I AM in an intensive workshop culminating in an embodied self portrait created and presented by the participants for one another. In a safe and supportive environment, participants transform ideas, emotions and sensations into words and words into embodied actions. This workshop is ideal for teens and adults ranging from professional dancers to movers of all stripes with no formal dance training.

The Moving Lab

Annual Series

The Moving Lab is an annual series of three informal showings that take place every summer in at three different venues throughout Miami for pre-professional and professional female dance artists to share their movement-based works-in-progress. AMD, Inc. Artistic Director, Adele Myers, will facilitate feedback sessions at the end of each lab. The Moving Lab showings are free of charge and open to the general public.

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